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San Diego rats are destructive pests that cause costly structural damage, contamination of food, and spread disease. They are found all over across the country, and that is why there is always a rats control company San Diego near you; thus, you can contact them to give insight on how you can control these pests and perhaps do inspections free of charge. We have served millions of customers over the years, and our rats control company San Diego excellent ratings and positive feedback make us the best rats control company San Diego. We have the best professionals and equipments to weed out all stubborn rats on your premises.

What you need to know about Rat

Interestingly for some people, these rats make excellent companions and pets. Nonetheless, they could be pests if they’re unwanted and thus cause damage through gnawing. They are usually active during the night. However, should you see them during day time, the chances are that you have more in your home and they could eat your food as well as your pets. Rats can also be a discomfort in your home, imagine having your special guests and then one or two they run through your sitting room, that’s an embarrassment, right? Don’t allow it to reach that level when you can reach out to rats control company San Diego to help you deal with the stubborn rats in your compound.

Diseases that rats can cause in your home

Although rats are seen as stubborn and tiny, they are capable of causing harm to your family members and even pets or animals in your compound. Even if you are not going to be affected by rats directly, you will end up spending a lot of money treating the diseases they spread among your family members or domestic animals. Our rats control company San Diego warns homeowners against top diseases that can be spread by Our ratsif not controlled in good time and they include;

  • Plague: you are likely to get a disease from a flea that feeds on an infected rat or rather getting beat by infected rats.
  • Food poisoning: consuming food which was polluted via droppings and rat urine hence causing food poisoning.
  • Rat-bite fevers: if an infected rat bites, you might get a rat-bite fever.
  • Parasites: rats also contain tapeworms.

What are the signs of rat manifestation in your compound?

Rats cannot invade your compound if they are not attracted by something they like, therefore the best home remedy is to keep your residential premises clean. However, it’s very easy to know when Our rats have found habitants in your house or office. With rats control company San Diego, you will be trained how to watch out for the rat manifestation signs in your house. Some of the common signs that you see when rats get into your house include;

  • Damaged food-rats will always damage your stored food, and if you notice any damages, then rats might have invaded your home.
  • Any damaged food container
  • Rub marks as a result of greasy rat furs
  • Rat droppings in sheltered areas, storage buildings, and garages
  • If you start to hear sounds in walls, floor, and attic.
  • Some snail shell cut piles under piles of wood or plants
  • Stripped tree and plant barks


How to Rat proof your storage buildings and home

Check outside your house for gaps and holes. Our rats control company San Diego experts will help you to repair openings with rat-proof materials such as a quarter inch gauge wire hardware cloths. In case you are not sure about how to do it, reach out to our rats control company San Diego for further assistance. Our rats control company San Diego will help you Install metallic weather striplings underneath doors to get rid of gaps. However, there are other remedies that you can use to get rid of this stubborn rats which include;

Rats control

1. Removing all food sources

Rats cannot live in places that have no food, shelter, or warmth. Do away with all home activities that leave foods open and easily accessible to the rats.

  • Cover garbage cans every time. Pick vegetables, nuts, and fruits when they ripen or compost them in the soil. If not, throw away.
  • Feed your pets during daytime only then remove the remainder of the uneaten food immediately
  • Do not store food in storage sheds or garage at night or unless they are kept in metal containers that are rat proof.

Rats control

2. Use traps inside the house

Our rats control company San Diego could advise you to use Rat traps since it’s one of the best ways to control them. Place the trap at a strategic position where rats usually camp or come regularly and keep checking the traps twice a day or week.
  • Don’t use poison rats since they will create odors hence attracting flies
  • Work on using snap traps when these rats are in your home
  • Place the snap traps where there are rat droppings or entry points
  • Be cautious when placing these traps around pets or children
  • Bait the trap using food which rats were eating or peanut butter
  • Tie the down traps to curb injured rats from dying inside walls or dragging traps away

Rats control

3. Use poison baits outside the house

  • Keep these baits away from pets and children
  • You need to rodent-proof the house before you use poison
  • Read the instructions before using poison
  • You have to multi-dose the anticoagulant poisons since they are effective. For it to correctly work, you have to feed on the baits for days to work.
  • Place the poison baits in enclosed bait stations where you can easily find the droppings and the rats
  • Ascertain that bait is protected areas like underneath thick vegetation and woodpiles where they could be hiding
  • Check the bait stations twice every week then add bait whenever necessary
  • Place the dead rats in a sealed plastic bag then dispose of them in the trash.

Rats control

Get rid of all rat habitats!

  • Our rats control company San Diego experts advise homeowners to remove all debris and trash from the compound.
  • Stack household items, lumber, and woodpile at least 18’’ above the ground and 12’’ away from walls and fences
  • Trim vines, bushes, and trees to at least 4’’ from your roof
  • Remove heavy vegetation such as vines, shrubs, and trees 4 feet from shelters
  • Remove massive plants like pyracantha, bougainvillea, and ivy from fences and buildings
  • Thin vegetation to permit daylight and remove all hiding places
In conclusion, if the home remedies methods fail to work, know it’s high time to hire professional rats control company San Diego to help you out. Look for an experienced rats control company San Diego that understands how to get rid of the stubborn rats. Contact our rats control company San Diego anytime, and we will help you control San Diego rats in your home or business premises.
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