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Termites are, for sure, one of the most damaging insects that you can’t wish to attack your property. Once they invade your property, they can destroy even crops around your farm, buildings, and wooden furniture. The worse part of termites is that it’s hard to detect them at the early stages, and most of the time, you will see them when they have already done the damage. However, for you to be safe, you need to hire termite control company San Diego services to do a regular inspection. This will help in identifying the termites at their early stages as well as control them in good time before they damage your property.

When the termites manifest in your compound, you will start seeing their build-ups on the wall or the trees. Termites build under the soil, and sometimes they can be even over 10 feet, which can make it hard for you to fight them. Therefore, you will need to have a termite control company San Diego to help you treat these insects. However, when choosing the company, make sure you understand how they work, their technicians’ experience as well as have modern equipment to fight the insects. However, let’s first understand this deadly insect that can destroy properties worth millions of dollars;

So what are the termite?

These are ant-like insects, but they differ because they mostly feed in wood, although sometimes it can be hard to differentiate them. As mentioned earlier, termites live in groups underground in the soil, and the most exciting part of their life is that they have divided their roles among the caste system. 

  • Some termites serve as soldiers to protect the colony, which comprise about 1 to 3% of their population. 
  • Another group of termites serves as workers in the colony, and their work is to cause damage to the woods and to build the tunnel. They are also responsible for building and repairing the nest as well as looking for food sources. The workers form the largest termites’ population. 
  • For reproduction, there is a king and queen who are the parents to the termites, and they have a lifespan of up to 10 years, and they produce thousands of termites. Termite reproduction is either primary or secondary. The primary reproductive termites fly away and form a new colony, while the secondary reproductive termites serve as a replacement in case anything occurs to the primary reproductive termites. 


The termites’ background and their life explain how they are complicated insects, and weeding them out is not as easy as it may sound. Getting to the king and queen requires skills and experience since they are down deep as well as well-protected by the termite soldiers. Their tunnels are also well built and strong enough to protect an enemy from attacking the colony, and sometimes the king and queen could be living over 10 meters under the soil. That means without the best termite control company San Diego. It’s almost impossible to remove and treat the termites from your compound.

What services should I expect from a termite control company San Diego?

There are many people out there asking what termite control company San Diego do but don’t worry that question will be answered in a moment. However, if you understand the damages that are caused by termites, then you will know the importance of keeping termite Control Company San Diego Contacts with you.

Typically, termites are one of the biggest threats to your property and plantation. They are tiny insects, but according to reports in the United States of America, termites have destroyed properties worth over $10M in the last one and half years. That’s just an estimation; maybe the value could be more considering the termites’ population has been overgrowing in the country over the last few years. Here are some of the top services you can get from a termite control company San Diego;

Termite Control

1. Termites invasion inspection

The termite control company San Diego offers inspection services to the client’s property even before it starts treating and removing the insects. However, it’s advisable that before you even start building your property to hire the termite control company San Diego to examine the land and check if there are signs of termite manifestation. It could be easier when the termites are discovered in the early stages before they do the damage to your building. Sometimes the queen and king termites that are responsible for reproduction might be located below your house foundation, which might compromise the safety of your property. Therefore, hire the termite control company San Diego always to inspect your home or property frequently and keep your property safe all the time.

Termite Control

2. Treatment of termites

You should note that termites’ treatment is different from other pests since their lifestyle is somehow unique. As mentioned earlier, termites stay in three groups, king and queen for reproduction, soldiers, and workers. Termite control company San Diego technicians will, therefore, have to deal with all those groups before completing the whole process. This job requires a lot of skills and experience. Removing or killing the king and queen kills the entire termite colony as it ensures there is no further reproduction going on after the treatment. Look for the most experienced termite control company San Diego for quality services.

Termite Control​

3. Consultancy and guidance services

As a property owner, you will need guidance and some education on how to deal with termites, which can destroy your investment and expose you to huge losses. The Termite Control Company San Diego will, therefore, guide you on how to handle or detect the insects at the early stages and what to do to prevent them from attacking your property. On top of that, they will also help you schedule regular inspections and keep your property safe. The termite control company San Diego has the best technicians who will advise you accordingly. 

In summary, termites are a significant threat to any property owner, and if you are not careful, you might end up making massive losses once they attack your property. We are the leading termite control company in San Diego, and we have the best technicians who will help you in professional treatment and extraction of the termites from your property. 

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